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Library Card Questions

Who can get a library card?

All Wisconsin residents or owners of real estate property in the State of Wisconsin, except Milwaukee County residents, are eligible for a library card. Persons whose residence is outside of the State of Wisconsin and who do not own property in Wisconsin, or persons who are residents of Milwaukee County may purchase a fee card for fifty dollars ($50) that expires one year from the date of issue.

How do I get a card?

How do I get a library card?
Option 1: Stop by the library and get a permanent card. Bring an ID and proof of current residence (a mailed bill or another official document) to Aram Public Library. You will be asked to fill out a short form and then you’ll be issued a card.

Option 2: Get an instant temporary card online now, then convert it to a permanent card when you get a chance. Use it to check out materials from the library, access digital audiobooks, magazines and ebooks (OverDrive and Libby), and to use most of our online resources.

How can my child get a library card?

A parent or legal guardian must sign the registration application for children under the age of (18) eighteen. A parent or legal guardian must provide his or her proper ID to be entered into the database for the child. If the parent or legal guardian has his/her own library card, that card must be in good standing (fines below $10.00) before he/she can sign for a card for his/her child.

If the parent or legal guardian has a card that is not in good standing (fines above $10.00), the child will be issued a restricted card which means only 2 items may be checked out at any Lakeshores Library System library. Once the parent or legal guardian’s card is in good standing (fines under $10.00), the child’s card will be changed to the unrestricted category.

Where can I use my library card?

Aram Library cards can be used at the 29 libraries that are members of the Lakeshores Library System. Walworth County member libraries include Brigham (Sharon), Barrett (Williams Bay), Darien, Fontana, Genoa City, East Troy, Lake Geneva, Matheson (Elkhorn), and Walworth Public Libraries. In Racine County that includes Burlington, Racine, Rochester, Graham (Union Grove) and Waterford Public Libraries. Rock County libraries include Beloit, Clinton, Eager Free (Evansville), Edgerton, Hedberg (Janesville), Milton, and Orfordville Public Libraries. Kenosha County libraries include Community Library and Kenosha Public Library. Cards issued from any of the above libraries may also be used at Aram Public Library.

What do I do if my card is lost?

If a patron’s library card is missing, the patron must immediately report the card lost or stolen to ensure no further items or charges are accrued on a lost or stolen card. Patrons are responsible for all items and charges on a library card until it is reported lost or stolen. Beginning September 1, 2022, replacement cards are free.

Can someone else use my card?

You are the only person who can use your card. However, if you have designated another person to be able to pick up your materials, he/she must have your card when picking up your materials.

Can I apply online for a library card?

To apply for a card online, please visit: – apply online to use digital resources. An actual card will me mailed to you in approximately in one week.

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