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Computer Questions

What do I need to use a computer?

Library computers are for use on a first come-first served basis. Patrons who have their library cards and know their PIN numbers do not have to stop at the desk before using a computer.

Patrons who have their cards but do not know their PIN numbers can present their cards at one of the service desks, and a library assistant can look that up for you.

Guest passes are also available to use the computer.

How long can I use a computer?

Computers are available for 2 hours a day in 2 hour increments. If computers are available, patrons may request additional time; however, should a computer be required they may be asked to end their sessions early.

What type of help is available?

Library staff will assist as time allows; one-on-one computer assistance is offered by appointment on Wednesday mornings.

How can I print?

Patrons can print from any of the public computer stations. Computer users will have to choose the ADULT PRINTER for black and white copies (10¢ a page) and the ADULT COLOR printer for color copies (50¢). Printing fees must be paid in advance.

Can I save my documents on the computer?

Documents cannot be saved on any of the computers. The computer’s hard drive is cleared after each user logs off. Items can be saved to your removable storage devices like flash drives. Flash drives (2GB) can be purchased at the adult services desk for $8.00.

What does it cost to print?

Black and white copies cost 10¢ a page and color copies cost 50¢ a page. Printing fees must be paid in advance at the adult services desk.

Do you have WiFi available?

WiFi is available; however, it is an unsecured network and patrons must accept all responsibility when using it. Patrons will need to agree to listed conditions and click “Login” to access the network.

Do you have headphones and flash drives available

Patrons who are viewing a website that has an audio track (sound) are expected to use headphones so they do not disturb other patrons. A limited number of headphones are available for checkout. Flash drives are not available.

Patron Computers
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