BadgerLink is Wisconsin’s Online Library, providing Wisconsin residents with licensed content not available through regular search engines. It includes resources, full text magazines and newspapers and resources on auto repair, business, consumer information, colleges, jobs, computer training, government, health, history, genealogy, literature, science and technology and more!

BadgerLink provides access to essential lifelong learning materials not available through Google or other public search engines. These materials have been selected so that only quality information from recognized publishers or sources are available. When you search BadgerLink, you can be confident that the responses are reliable and current.

Ancestry Library Edition


Ancestry® Library Edition, distributed exclusively by ProQuest and powered by, delivers billions of records in census data, vital records, directories, photos, and more from countries all over the world. This database can only be used within the library.

Drivers Ed

Thanks to a partnership with, Aram Public Library is proud to offer free online test prep for students preparing for their Wisconsin driving tests! Click on the banner below to visit our exclusive website, where you can choose from several different permit tests. No library card number or personal information is needed! This resource is also great for anyone looking to brush up on their knowledge of Wisconsin’s traffic laws or interested in getting their motorcycle license. A helpful FAQ section addresses questions residents might have about visiting their local DMV.

Wisconsin Traffic Safety Commission Real Time Traffic Map

Traffic accident data uploaded in almost real time to their community map database. This map is available to the public and allows people to see the locations and severity of accidents in their communities.