Learning Paths vs. Resolutions

When New Year’s resolutions seem doomed to failure, why not pick a learning path instead? Since over 80% of good intentions statistically fail by February, this year try something that you can stick with! Your local library has you covered:

Continue your learning with Gale Courses, free, 6-week, instructor-led courses in a variety of topics including business, health, careers, history, and hobbies.

Perfect a new language with Duolingo Language Learning, there are over 32 to choose from!

Explore your genealogy with Ancestry Library (in library use only) or Heritage Quest (a part Badgerlink)

Brush up on your computer coding (or hundreds of other skills) with a course from Lynda.com.

There is one resolution that is easy to maintain: Read More Books! With your Aram Public Library card, it’s easy and free to get back into reading with Overdrive eBooks & audiobooks.

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