Library Behavior Expectations

Can I eat in the library?

Eating food in the library is prohibited except at the two small tables in the lower level near the elevator; however, patrons may have a covered beverage in the library, except by the computer workstations.

At what age may my child come to the library unsupervised?

The library cannot be responsible for any children. For their own safety, children 8 yrs. old and younger need to be supervised while in the library. In these situations caregivers need to be at least 12 yrs. old.

What are the expectations for children’s behavior while in the library?

Using a quiet voice and not running are standard behavior expectations for children while in the library. Children who are old enough to be unsupervised (9 yrs. and older) should have with them the telephone numbers of adults they can reach in case of emergency.

Can I use my cell phone in the library?

Please be considerate of other patrons and silence your cell phone while you are in the library. If you must make a call, cell phones can be used in the area between the doors on the south (parking lot) side of the building. Phone calls should be limited to 3 minutes or less. If your phone call is disturbing other patrons, you may be asked to terminate your call. Patrons who need to use their cell phones for business or school while on the computer may be given permission at the discretion of the library assistants on an individual basis.

Does the library have a phone for public use?

There is a coin-operated pay phone on the lower level of the library for public use. It is not the property of the library, and patrons use it at their own risk. The library cannot issue refunds or guarantee its working order.

Can I smoke on library property?

Smoking is strictly prohibited on the library grounds. This includes the area in front of the library as well as the parking lot area.

Is there a place to store my things while I am in the library?

There is no place for patrons to store their possessions while they are in the library. Patrons are expected to keep all their possessions with them. The library cannot be responsible for watching patrons’ possessions that are left unattended.

Where can I park my car, my bike, and my stroller?

Cars can park in the marked stalls in the parking lot on the south side of the building, or on the neighborhood streets.

Bikes need to be parked in the bike rack adjacent to the building.

Strollers can be parked in the meeting room during youth programs or storytime. Strollers should be kept with you when you are in other areas of the library.