Summer Reading

2019 SRP Schedule

Baby to Three, Come Wiggle With Me – Mondays @ 10am
LEGO Club – Mondays from 1pm-3pm
Family Story Time – Wednesdays @ 10am
Gather/Chatter/Scatter – Fridays from 9am – 11am
Sunshine & Stories w/ Barrett Memorial Library – Fridays @ 10am: 6/21, 7/19, 8/16 at Community Park
Tail Waggin’ Tutors – Saturday @ 10am: 6/1, 7/6
Dual Language Story Time – Saturday @ 10am: 6/15, 7/20, 8/17

Family Programs: Tuesdays & Wednesdays @ 1:30pm (unless otherwise noted)

Kick-Off to Summer w/ Delavan Parks & Recreation & the Boys & Girls Club of Walworth County at Veterans Park from 3pm – 6pm Fri, June 7

Snake Discovery                                         June 11
Carting K-9s                                                 June 12
Great Scott                                                    June 18
QWIC Bites @ 4pm **REGISTRATION** June 18
Farm Party!                                                  June 19
Colossal Fossils                                            June 25
Parachute Games                                         June 26
Summertime Shindig (6pm – 8pm)    Fri, June 28
Manga & Anime Drawing for Beginners  July 2
Bicycle & Wagon Decorating                       July 3
Fox & Branch                                                 July 9
Understanding Our Solar System              July 10
Racine Zoo                                                      July 16
Origami for Families                                    July 17
Shoot for the Moon—50th Anniversary
celebration of moon landing,10am-Noon Sat. July 20
Incredible Bats                                               July 23
GLAS Mobile Planetarium **REGISTRATION** July 24
Turtles To Go                                                  July 30
Pressed Plant Journals                                 July 31
Finale: STAR WARS PARTY (10am – 1pm) Sat, August 3
Construction Party Tue,                               August 6
Craft-er-noon                                                 August 7
Cardboard Box Drive-In w/ Delavan Fire Department
5:30pm, Fire House **REGISTRATION**  August 7

Tween & Teen Programs

Every Thursday at 1:30pm unless otherwise noted.

Tech Take-Apart                                                        June 13

Space Pops **REGISTRATION**                             June 20
Naruto Party @ 12pm                                                Sat, June 22

Spy Games                                                                    June 27

Manga & Anime Drawing for Beginners              Tues, July 2

Interstellar Bleached Tees                                        July 11

Fun with Drones (Teens and Adults) 5:30pm       July 11

Origami @ 3pm                                                             July 17

DIY Smoothies                                                               July 18

Shoot for the Moon—50th Anniversary celebration of moon landing,10am-Noon                                                      Sat., July 20

Pizza & a Movie **REGISTRATION**              July 25

Late Night  **REGISTRATION** (5pm – 9pm)     July 26

Dr. WHO Extravaganza               August 1

Comets & Meteors, The Introduction August 8

Comets & Meteors: The Results August 15

Adult Programs

Adult Craft Night (Registration) 6/3, 6/6, 7/8, 7/11, 8/5, 8/8 at 5:30 & 6:30 pm
Aram Book Club 3rd Thursday, 6:30 pm
Adult Art Adventures 4th Tuesday, 5:30 pm
Guilty Pleasures Book Club Last Monday @ 6 pm
Taking Care of You (Registration) Wed. 6/12, 6/19, 6/26 & 7/10 at 2 pm
Farmers are Out of This World Sat. 6/15 at 10 am
Geologist’s View of the Solar System at Matheson Library, Elkhorn Tue. 7/9 at 6:30 pm
Fun with Drones (Teens and Adults) Thu. 7/11 at 5:30 pm
Extraterrestrial Life Tue. 7/23 at 6 pm
Shoot for the Moon—50th Anniversary celebration of moon landing Sat. 7/20 10am-Noon

Looking for information about our upcoming programs?
Check out the Kids, Teens, and Adult pages!


Summer Reading 2019

Milestones (and the reading records needed to reach them)

Toddler: Book (2 records) 

Coupon Pack (4 records)

T-Shirt (6 records)

Book (8 records)

Youth: Coupon Pack #1 (2 records)
 Coupon Pack #2 + Book (4 records)
 T-Shirt (6 records)
 Book (8 records)

Teen: Coupon Pack (2 records) 
Book (4 records)

T-Shirt (6 records)
Book (8 records)

Adult: Choose a book or a prize for every 2 weeks completed. Adult T-shirts may  be purchased for $10 each.

Reading Records
You may turn in weekly records late, but you may not turn them in early!
(For example: we’ll accept week 2 any time after week 2, but not during week 1.)
Reminder: for each activity beyond the required 7 that you complete,
you can earn one EXTRA ChewBUCKa! (Maximum of 6 per week for each Reading Record)
Each Reading Record submitted will earn you a Library Loot, too! (Use it for fines, printing, and more!)


Open from Tuesday, June 25th – Saturday, August 10

Hours: Tuesdays: 2:30pm to 4:00pm and 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Saturdays: July 13, July 27, & August 10 from 9:30am to 11:30am

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are Family days.
Thursdays are all about Tweens and Teens.
All programs are free of charge. If registration is necessary, this will be indicated online, in the monthly newsletter, and on any promotional materials for the event.
Interpreters are available with a 3-day notice.
Please contact Aram Public Library for additional information.

Other Fun Stuff!
Free Lunches for Anyone 18 and Under
Summer Food Service Program will take place on the following Tuesdays:

6/11, 6/18, 6/25, 7/2, 7/9, 7/16, 7/23, & 7/30
ANYONE age 18 and under is welcome to stop by for something to eat.
Meals will be served from 12pm – 1pm.

Seeing Stars!
Earn an extra ChewBUCKa by decorating the star attached to this paper and returning it to the library! Every star submitted will be used to decorate the tent!

2019: A Space Odyssey

Let’s take a trip around the galaxy!

Walk (run, bike, BE ACTIVE) at least 5 days each week and mark it on your Space Odyssey log.
When you turn in your weekly reading record,
show us how you’re out of this world active to get an extra ChewBUCKa.
(limit 1 cash per participant per week)
At the end of the summer, you’ll have earned some sweet BUCKas,
a small memento of your adventures, and—best of all—bragging rights.